AP Racing

AP Racing is world famous for their achievements within autosport. For more than 50 years AP Racing has been a spearhead of the motorsport industry, creating numerous winners. It has more international sporting success than any others and is as a key supplier at all levels of international automotive motorsport. But AP Racing is also a major player in the design and manufacture of motorcycle brake and clutch systems for all competition and performance road bikes. Innovative thinking is AP Racing’s hallmark whether it be brakes, carbon/carbon clutches or master cylinders. AP Racing offers a comprehensive range of powered two-wheeler brake components not only for track use but also for riders that prefer only the best for their touring or off-road bikes. The AP Racing 2019 brake program includes a complete assortment of brake pads and shoes for almost all racing, touring and off-road motorcycle models in the world. Further, we have this year extended our offer to the scooter segment which now includes three compound types. All AP Racing motorcycle and scooter brake pads are Made in Europe according to the highest and most demanding quality standards in this business.

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