INDUSTRY-LEADING PERFORMANCE Since 1982, ITP has been the world’s #1 ATV/UTV aftermarket tire and wheel source. ITP tires and wheels meet the demands of today’s off-road enthusiasts by delivering unequalled traction, precise handling and exceptional durability to overcome the world’s most challenging terrain.

ORIGINAL DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT The premier ITP products are developed utilizing an experienced staff of engineers, designers and technicians at our American tire facility in Clinton, Tennessee. As supporters of American ingenuity and product quality, the ITP team is proud to be a part of locally built tires for worldwide customers. The imaginative engineering team at ITP continually pushes the envelope with tire-and-wheel innovations that answer demands for new vehicle introductions, durability requirements and fitment upgrades. We develop award-winning tire-and-wheel designs for virtually all ATVs and side-by-side vehicles. In the lab and on the test field, the ITP team works hands-on to ensure that each tire made outperforms the competition.

PERFORM LIKE A PRO ITP is one of the most trusted names on the racing circuit. With a long and successful history in racing, we support several of the most successful drivers and their teams with ITP products and solutions. With tires and wheels available to you that meet the performance the pros require to finish at the top of the podium, why would you ride anything else? See what our #TeamITP riders have to say about ITP.

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    • ITP 6P0527 TIRE MUD LITE II 25X8-12 6PLY NHS
      Codice Prodotto: 6P0527
      90,16 €
      • ITP 6P0528 TIRE MUD LITE II 25X10-12 6PLY NHS
        Codice Prodotto: 6P0528
        87,22 €
        • ITP 6P0532 TIRE MUD LITE II 27X11-14 6PLY NHS
          Codice Prodotto: 6P0532
          183,87 €
          • ITP 6P0530 TIRE MUD LITE II 26X11-12 6PLY NHS
            Codice Prodotto: 6P0530
            214,15 €
            • ITP 6P0526 TIRE MUD LITE II 27X11-12 6PLY NHS
              Codice Prodotto: 6P0526
              198,66 €
              • ITP 6P0529 TIRE MUD LITE II 26X9-12 6PLY NHS
                Codice Prodotto: 6P0529
                158,91 €
                • ITP 6P0531 TIRE MUD LITE II 27X9-14 6PLY NHS
                  Codice Prodotto: 6P0531
                  169,54 €
                  • ITP 6P0534 TIRE MUD LITE II 28X11-14 6PLY NHS
                    Codice Prodotto: 6P0534
                    218,42 €
                    • ITP 6P0533 TIRE MUD LITE II 28X9-14 6PLY NHS
                      Codice Prodotto: 6P0533
                      202,28 €
                      • ITP 6P0525 TIRE MUD LITE II 27X9-12 6PLY NHS
                        Codice Prodotto: 6P0525
                        183,23 €
                        • ITP 1428372404B WHL SS212M 14X6 4/110 4+2
                          Codice Prodotto: 1428372404B
                          152,10 €
                          • ITP RINGVL-14BLK 14' VELOCITY BEADLOCK RIN
                            Codice Prodotto: RINGVL-14BLK
                            65,06 €
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                          380 Prodotti trovati

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