For over 50 years, Kimpex USA has been involved in manufacturing parts and accessories for snowmobiles, motorcycles, marine industry, and ATVs / UTVs. Established in 1967, it wasn’t based in a garage like most young companies – Gilles Soucy, the founder of Kimpex (Gilles Soucy Inc. at that moment), started the company in a school bus with shelves mounted instead of seats, having turned it into a mobile warehouse. A stationary warehouse was build in a few years and nowadays the company is one of the market leaders, while Kimpex parts are synonymous with excellent quality. The Kimpex snowmobile line is one of the company’s pillars. It includes a comprehensive range of helmets, including full-face, backcountry, and open-face options, snowmobile suits and clothing, balaclavas, head and neck warmers, and much more under well-known brands such as HMK and CKX. The lineup also includes high-quality repair and performance parts, seats, maintenance products, and accessories for snowmobiles. Repair components feature similar quality to OE parts, yet their price tags are much more affordable. Performance parts will help you turn your snowmobile into the ultimate snow-driving machine without draining your pockets. The Kimpex ATV and UTV line includes over 25,000 products. Whether you need to restore your utility-terrain or all-terrain vehicle or want to make your outing more enjoyable, Kimpex offers the parts you need. The Kimpex marine line will meet all your needs in dock maintenance, water sports and boating components, as it features more than 15,000 high-quality units exactly adapted to your boat that will improve its performance, comfort, look, practicality, or restore its optimal working condition.

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151 Prodotti trovati

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      Codice Prodotto: 000311
      161,85 €
      • KIMPEX 04-116-87 WHEEL IDLER 7.50 OD
        Codice Prodotto: 04-116-87
        55,90 €
        • KIMPEX 04-141-01 IDLER WHEEL SKIDOO
          Codice Prodotto: 04-141-01
          47,69 €
          • KIMPEX 04-228-33 SLIDE YAMAHA-BLACK
            Codice Prodotto: 04-228-33
            36,04 €
            • KIMPEX 071221 BUMPER FRONT XP BLK
              Codice Prodotto: 071221
              104,75 €
              • KIMPEX 071224 BUMPBER REAR S/D ALUM
                Codice Prodotto: 071224
                134,48 €
                • KIMPEX 071294 A-ARM ARCTIC UPPER
                  Codice Prodotto: 071294
                  206,70 €
                  • KIMPEX 072267 PLOW SKID SHOE RPLMT CNG2
                    Codice Prodotto: 072267
                    21,56 €
                    • KIMPEX 073874 PLOW SKID SHOES H-DUTY
                      Codice Prodotto: 073874
                      72,49 €
                      • KIMPEX 100308 DRAWBAR 2X2 2' DROP
                        Codice Prodotto: 100308
                        84,70 €
                        • KIMPEX 100857 IDLER WHEEL CAP AC
                          Codice Prodotto: 100857
                          4,92 €
                          • KIMPEX 101480 BALL JOINT LOWER POLARIS
                            Codice Prodotto: 101480
                            49,26 €
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                          151 Prodotti trovati

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