Filters have a long tradition with us. MAHLE – historically a developer of engine components – has recognized in good time how important optimally functioning filters are for the different circulations of service media. After all, every combustion is only as good as its upstream filters no matter, whether oil, fuel or intake air has to be cleaned. And because people only stay healthy when they breathe clean air, cabin air filters are another important part of our program. MAHLE oil filters reliably prevent dirt particles from entering the lubricant circuit and maintain oil quality as well as the performance and efficiency of the engine. Thanks to stable pleat geometry, cold start stability is assured. Spin-on oil filters (OC precode) Load peaks up to 20 bar are compensated due to the high pressure resistance of the housing. A pressure relief valve guarantees the oil supply under all conditions - for viscous oil as it is encountered during cold start or at low temperatures and also for strongly contaminated filter elements, when the replacement intervals have been exceeded. An anti-drain valve prevents the draining of the filter when the engine is switched off and secures fast oil supply when the engine is started. Oil filter cartridges (OX precode) With filter cartridges from the OX and OX-Eco program we offer particularly economical solutions for workshops: instead of replacing the complete filter, only the dirty filter element has to be exchanged. In the OX-Eco version, the cartridges are metal-free and can therefore be incinerated completely. Air filters (LX precode) Clean air intake is one of the most important conditions for optimal engine power, high torque, low fuel consumption and minimized pollutant emission. With MAHLE air filters up to 99.9% of dust, soot and tire wear particles are filtered out. At the same time, an optimal air/fuel mixture is assured. The high particle uptake capacity ensures long service life also under extreme conditions such as heat, cold or chemical influences. Our quality filters prevent premature wear of the valves, cylinder work surfaces, piston rings, bearings and other engine components. To ensure perfect and lasting filter performance, all filters must be replaced within the replacement intervals stipulated by the car manufacturers. Inline fuel filters (KL precode) are mounted in line with the fuel line as the name indicates. They are made from steel sheet material with corrosion protection, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic.

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