In the quickly changing automotive market, we globally provide products that respond to people’s safety needs through our “motor, control, and mechanism” technologies. Our core products are electrical components for 4-wheeled vehicles. The skills and technologies are also applied to motorcycle components, nursing care equipment, and car accessories.

We produce a wide range of products such as starter motor with which we have obtained the top global market share, including horn and relay.

.Motors to start engines. Mitsuba’s starter motor is used in a wide range of motorcycles, from scooters to large motorcycles. We are proud to boast a rich variety of motors and the top global market share.

.Mitsuba supplies flywheel-style AC generator from scooters to large motorcycles. Our compact, lightweight but high-powered products cater to a variety of models.

.Starter relay are used in the operation of starter circuits. Mitsuba’s highly reliable products come in multiple types, including corrosion resistant types that resist salt water, mud, and other corrosive elements.

.Mitsuba’s actuator for engines and transmissions (for gear shift, CVT and ABS) are responsive, and have high levels of vibration resistance and water resistance. Actuator for vehicle bodies (for adjusting the height and wind protection) are designed to be slim, for easy and versatile installation.

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    • MITSUBA V531100103 ROTORE
      Codice Prodotto: V531100103
      Prezzo speciale 140,75 € Prezzo predefinito 168,97 €
      • MITSUBA V531100104 ROTORE
        Codice Prodotto: V531100104
        Prezzo speciale 85,47 € Prezzo predefinito 119,71 €
        • MITSUBA V533100102 STATORE
          Codice Prodotto: V533100102
          Prezzo speciale 93,77 € Prezzo predefinito 114,68 €
          • MITSUBA V533100108 STATORE
            Codice Prodotto: V533100108
            Prezzo speciale 135,26 € Prezzo predefinito 162,38 €
            • MITSUBA V533100109 STATORE
              Codice Prodotto: V533100109
              Prezzo speciale 47,68 € Prezzo predefinito 55,27 €
              • MITSUBA V535100101 MOTORINO AVVIAMENTO
                Codice Prodotto: V535100101
                Prezzo speciale 217,95 € Prezzo predefinito 271,33 €
                • MITSUBA V535100103 MOTORINO AVVIAMENTO
                  Codice Prodotto: V535100103
                  Prezzo speciale 138,51 € Prezzo predefinito 193,98 €
                  • MITSUBA V535100105 MOTORINO AVVIAMENTO
                    Codice Prodotto: V535100105
                    Prezzo speciale 128,10 € Prezzo predefinito 157,38 €
                    • MITSUBA V535100106 MOTORINO AVVIAMENTO
                      Codice Prodotto: V535100106
                      Prezzo speciale 85,62 € Prezzo predefinito 115,78 €
                      • MITSUBA V535100111 MOTORINO AVVIAMENTO
                        Codice Prodotto: V535100111
                        Prezzo speciale 106,07 € Prezzo predefinito 151,28 €
                        • MITSUBA V535100112 MOTORINO AVVIAMENTO
                          Codice Prodotto: V535100112
                          Prezzo speciale 109,75 € Prezzo predefinito 131,76 €
                          • MITSUBA V535100113 MOTORINO AVVIAMENTO
                            Codice Prodotto: V535100113
                            Prezzo speciale 100,61 € Prezzo predefinito 120,78 €
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